Where to find the best Beach Club party in Mykonos?

In Mykonos you can enjoy the best partying in the world both day and night, some of the best options to enjoy a day at the beach and partying below.

Best sunset party

In the south of the island next to Paraga Beach with a breathtaking view of the Cycladic coastline is located Scorpios. Combining elegance and simplicity with a design that references the ancient Greek concept of Agora, Scorpios is undoubtedly one of the best beach clubs on the island to watch the sunset with a good atmosphere and great music, offering uninterrupted views across the open Aegean Sea horizons. Something that characterizes this club is its musical rhythms, with one of the best DJ sets on the island, combining some of the best DJ´s known worldwide with underground artists.

In Scorpios beach you will enjoy a chill out atmosphere, it has wooden cabanas and sunbeds to relax with the pleasant breeze of the island and a whitewashed stone house. This beach club also has two restaurants one with a open-plan where you will be able to taste the best traditional Greek dishes in addition to plates of the Mediterranean diet and another that is more VIP. Enjoy in its large terrace having a cocktail to the rhythm of the DJ will be the best plan you can make at sunset on the island. We recommend you to book a couple of days in advance because it is usually in high demand.

Perfect if you come with your yacht

Santanna has attracted all the attention of the island for being one of the largest and most complete beach clubs on Mykonos. This luxurious beach club is located on Paraga beach. Characteristic for its impressive pool, it has four bars, two restaurants and islands in the center of the pool to enjoy a more private experience. In the beach area there are very luxurious front line cabanas with sunbeds where you can enjoy your favorite Shushi dish as well as a shisha.

Other additional services available in this complex are a boutique with its own brands, massage service, a heliport and of course valet parking.

In addition, Santanna has a 3-hour private cruise service to discover the most hidden paradises of Mykonos and its neighboring islands Delos and Rhenia as well as to enjoy beaches that can only be accessed by private transport. It also has transportation and private dock so this beach club is perfect if you are visiting the island with your yacht.

Santanna is an option not to be missed to enjoy a good daytime party as well as one of the most fashionable beach clubs this year.

An award-winning restautant

Also in Paraga Bay, next to SantAnna is Kalua, a beach club with a Mediterranean fusion and Japanese restaurant that won a world luxury restaurant award last year. Kalua has also an extensive bottle menu, unique cocktails and an exquisite wine list that you can enjoy to the rhythm of their DJ’s or the live performances by singers. On the beach area it has cabanas and sunbeds where you can enjoy either a beach version of their restaurant menu or a shisha. It also has its own boutique.

A reborn beach club

A classic of Mykonos, this year with a totally new image that we love, much more modern with a bohemian chill-out style. Super Paradise offers you a brand new experience to enjoy the best bohemian party on the island. In addition to the party, you can enjoy wonderful dishes at its Paraj restaurant or stay in its luxury suites inspired by the Cyclades islands. This beach club also offers water activities such as jet-ski and wake boards.

The craziest party

Situated in one of the best beaches of Mykonos, Paradise Beach is located a beach club with some of the biggest and craziest parties on the island that you can’t miss, Tropicana. If you want to enjoy a more casual, young and crazy atmosphere, this is your place, the party starts at 4:30 PM and goes on until late night. This beach club has been appointed one of the Sexiest Beach Bar in the world according to the Travel Channel for 2012 featuring performances by some of the best DJ’s known worldwide in addition to the residents. Tropicana also has a four-star hotel and villas where you can stay very close to the beach club on paradise beach itself. In short, we recommend this beach club as a more affordable alternative for all budgets as well as for a younger audience and a more casual atmosphere.

Voted 14# Beach club in the world

With one of the oldest parties in the entire history of the island and voted one of the best beach clubs in the world, Paradise Beach. This beach club has great parties every day and night from April to September, so it is a perfect option for partygoers, it is also a more affordable option for all pockets.