The best restaurants in Mykonos

Mykonos is a fascinating tourist destination that captivates visitors with its combination of natural beauty, history and vibrant nightlife.

This beautiful Greek island is famous for its stunning beaches with crystal clear waters and its characteristic white and blue architecture.

And of course also for its gastronomic variety!

best restaurants in Mykonos

Types of restaurants you can find in Mykonos

The great variety is what makes this place one of the most chosen tourist destinations. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Mykonos, you are in the perfect place. With us you will have a list of the most visited and best restaurants of Greek, Peruvian, Oriental, Italian cuisine, overlooking the sea, with night show and much more.

Where to eat in Mykonos

Some of the best restaurants on the island

In Mykonos there is a wide variety of restaurants that will satisfy all palates. From cozy family-run bars to luxury restaurants serving Greek, Oriental and more. The cuisine is diverse. And below we will show some of the most iconic.

Hippie Fish

Hippie Fish is one of the oldest Greek restaurants in Mykonos. They opened in 1960 and since then it has remained based on tradition and the avant-garde in gastronomy.

It is on the beach of Agios Loannis, and in addition to being considered one of the best restaurants in Mykonos, it is a beach club of great category and luxury.



Spiliais one of the most beautiful restaurants on the island. It is located in a cave on Agia Anna beach. You will enjoy authentic gastronomic over the crystalline waters of the island.

Open for more than 30 years, it offers the best seafood and fish in the area.


Coya, a restaurant practically hidden in one of the most characteristic alleys of the island of Mykonos. It is characterized by its wonderful Peruvian cuisine and its cozy and exquisite atmosphere.

It is a restaurant that has been fashionable for several years and is one of the most chosen by tourists who want to try new flavors and specialties.



Cantera, a restaurant specializing in Asian cuisine with a lot of flavor. Elaborations of sushi with meat that will delight your palate.

It has wonderful views of the Mykonos windmills, and is ideal to visit both during the day and at night.

Lío Mykonos

Lío, a luxury restaurant with a show during the meal. Located in the center of Mykonos with a discreet entrance.

Without a doubt, if you would like to live a different experience during your meal, visit this restaurant. Of course, its price is not as cheap as others on the island, but it is worth it.



Remezzoa restaurant with spectacular views of the sea and an incomparable atmosphere. Specialized in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with international influences. In addition to having exquisite seafood!

It also has a live DJ and singer, so while you enjoy amazing flavors and views, you will have the best music.