In the streets of downtown Mykonos you can find some of the most exclusive pieces of art worldwide, limited editions of sculptures, paintings and unique art objects by famous Greek and international artists. In this article you will find the best art galleries on the island.



Founded by Vassilis Matsaidonis and Christos Nikolaou in 1994, RARITY GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery offering a space to discover emerging, mid-career and internationally renowned artists. It features selected artworks from a diverse range of artists such as: Julian Opie, Sir Christopher Mark Le Brun, Mel Ramos, Hunt Slonem, Muntean & Rosenblum, Yigal Ozeri, Ben Schonzeit’s, Raphaella Spence, Simon Hennessey, Roberto Bernardi, Joana Vasconcelos, George Cohen – Pusenkoff, Antonio Marra, Santiago Ydanez’s, Jean-Pierre Séguin’s, Massimo Giannoni’s, Jens Lorenzen. In addition, RARITY GALLERY has exhibitions of sculptors such as: Hanneke Beaumont, Sean Henry, Carole Feuerman, Marc Sijan, Daniel Firman. You will also find video sculptures and various pieces by young emerging artists.


HOFA, established in 2012, has locations in London, Los Angeles and Mykonos, represents acclaimed painters, sculptors, photographers and multidisciplinary artists from around the world, including China, Korea, America, Italy, France, Argentina and Australia, among many others, specializing in contemporary art by established and emerging international artists. With a unique selection of highly collectible artworks of appreciable value and an uncompromising dedication to art world innovation, the gallery is committed to its mission in cultural leadership.


Opened in 1981, SKOUFA Gallery exhibits works by contemporary Greek artists. The gallery aims to introduce the generation of contemporary Greek artists of the 1930s. In 2000, the gallery opened an additional space to present a selection of artworks and exhibitions mainly by emerging artists demonstrating innovative ideas in painting, sculpture, works on paper, design objects and ceramics.


ART N SOUL gallery which opened its doors over 35 years ago, offers a carefully composed aesthetic experience to strengthen the appreciation of classical ideas in abstract forms. The gallery houses a collection of limited edition sculptures, unique mixed media paintings and art objects by famous Greek and international artists such as: Yanni, Constantine Valaes and Stefanos. The gallery also caters to special requests, artistic advice and worldwide shipping.