Where to eat the best Italian in Mykonos? In this article we will show you some of the best Italian restaurants in Mykonos

Mykonos offers a wide range of restaurants with different cuisines of the world. Probably after the Greek restaurants, Italian restaurants are the most popular on the island. Below we will review some of the best Italian restaurants on the island. The hot places to hit if you are looking for a good pasta or a good pizza. The place with more concentration of restaurants of the island is Mykonos downtown (Chora), here we will find some of the best.


Right in the center of Mykonos we find the restaurant PASTA FRESCA BARKIA, located in one of the busiest streets of the capital, this restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day and offers one of the best fresh pasta of the island. It elaborates all its pastas in the restaurant itself, which has been open since 1978. If you take the opportunity to eat here during the day, you might be lucky and run into Petros the Pelican, one of the symbols of the island who frequents the area during the day. At the entrance you will be able to find all the different pastas they make and decide which one to take. 

Its terrace is located on a busy street, so if you do not like to eat with many people around we recommend you to do it inside. If you book in advance you might be lucky and be able to eat on the upper floors next to the window, from where you will be able to observe the bustling Mykonos. 


IT is one of the Italian restaurants with the most spectacular view on the island.  Opened for the first time in Ibiza in 2015, this restaurant chain has locations in London, Tulum or Porto Cervo among others. An elegant restaurant that has a varied menu of fish, meats and of course a succulent pasta. Reservations are recommended. IT has its own Beach Club, IT BEACH MYKONOS on Super Paradise beach.  A perfect place to spend the day and eat some of the best Italian food on the island.




Lia beach is one of the hidden gems of Mykonos. Perfect for days with little wind it has one of our favorite restaurants. LIASTI, this Italian run restaurant/beach club has some of the best pasta on the island. It is not surprising to find many Italians among its customers.  An elegant place but far from the famous beach clubs of Mykonos where you can relax, eat the best pasta and enjoy a beach without crowds or noise.

Lia Beach is not the only beach full of Italians, but it is the most elegant.


Frequented by many Italians and locals, NA´VERACE is one of the best places in Mykonos to eat an authentic Neapolitan pizza. In the center of Mykonos not far from the bus square you will find this traditional restaurant which is a safe bet if you want to eat a good pizza.


Located in the Old Port of Mykonos, the ROCA restaurant is one of the ideal spots to dine with a beautiful sunset. The restaurant also features fresh fish caught on the island itself that arrives every morning. Highly recommended are the seafood pastas and risottos. A quiet and pleasant place for a dinner with a view before embarking on a stroll through the streets of Mykonos, very close to the entrance to the center of town through the Old Port.